January 31, 2018 -

Closing the Loop in Communication During Phoenix Couples Counseling

Phoenix couples counseling

Recently I have been pondering the violent destruction in a relationship when there is unfaithfulness in a marriage. All out war takes place, like grenades going off in Iraq, the wife has a hard time trusting and forgiving and the husband feels bad but many times not enough to stop or tell the truth and repent and reconcile.

Phoenix Couples Counseling Can Save Your Marriage

George Barna of the Barna Research Institute tells us that the Baby Boomer generation will have the most divorces ever. The next generation coming up may even be worse. This is discouraging.

At Walk & Talk we cherish family values. We want to keep fighting to keep families and marriages strong. We help people make their marriage work that’s why we have our Phoenix couples counseling program in place. If you’re not ready for a counseling session, you can look into our materials, books or donate online to help marriages and families stay together.

What Can I Do to Get Her to Respond?

Many men wonder, “What can I do to get her to respond?” It may be in the bedroom or it may be in everyday life. In our new book Marital Mystery Tour we share the importance of a man entering into a woman’s world.  She wants him to relate to her, not fix her.  She wants to know, “He is safe” and “I know he won’t get mad if I tell him…”

In our communication workshop dedicated to couples’ counseling, we help people “Close the Loop” and learn to actively listen to one another. This is just a start. For a man, he wants to know the bottom line of the story and then he will listen.  But for the woman usually, she wants to talk and eventually she will get to the point of what it is she is saying. Women tend to like to relate, men, on the other hand, want to fix and reach a specific goal. They want to know, “What do you want and I will do it“.

So here is a practical tip for getting her to respond: You are an initiator that serves her needs. Listen to her and participate in something that is meaningful to her without complaining. Find out what she likes and do it for her (even if it puts you out some cash). Oh, and by the way what she really wants to know is, “Are you thinking of her?”  She will usually respond if you meet her where she is and don’t force things. That means in the bedroom or in every day of life.


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