Family Counseling and the Communicorner: Tips for Understanding Communication

Family Counseling

Pauly and I had to use all our skills we had just taught, and use in coaching and counseling. The enemy never likes us to get too comfortable I guess. Pauly told me sometimes she is talking or asking questions to “reach out” or get “close” to me. I think she keeps asking the same thing or telling me the same thing, and it is irritating because she just said it.

What I am learning is that I need to feed it back to her. What we call “Closing the Loop”. Don’t judge, don’t give a clever answer, just feed it back. She also tells me these days she does not like “room to room” conversations.  We have a loft in our house and it is easy to just yell something over the side. But Pauly may be in the kitchen or there may be some ambient noise that keeps her from hearing me. So I need to make extra sure that I come down to her, or she comes up before we engage in a conversation.

By the way, I would enjoy the same thing from her. How about you, how are you talking to each other lately?  Room to room? Or “cheek to cheek”? This tip may save you from going to “the doghouse”.


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