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couples counseling
Over years of Christian couples counseling, we have found it helpful to view life in segments and make goals in each segment that matches Christian biblical principles. You can keep a balanced life if you tend to the garden of each of these 7 areas. I will explain each one in more detail as the counseling videos progress.

Hi! I’m Alan Heller and this is A Marriage Minute with Walk and Talk. I’m putting together seven weeks of the seven areas of life: physical, social, financial, marital, parental, psychological, and spiritual. In each session, I’m just going to give you a little tidbit of each part, and if you want more, you can just go to our website,, and pick up the details of each of those areas.

The main thing is just giving you a plan for you and your spouse to take some time and look at each of those areas and where are you going and what are you doing. Look forward to seeing you next week. This is Alan Heller with A Marriage Minute with Walk and Talk.

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