Marriage Minute with Alan Heller – Goal Setting

goal setting
Write down all 7 segments and your corresponding goals. Then, pick your top two goals to accomplish this year. No need to feel overwhelmed by all seven areas with your goal setting. Once you accomplish your top two goals, try two more.

Hi! I’m Alan Heller and welcome to A Marriage Minute with Walk and Talk. We’ve been talking about the seven areas of life. What we want you to do is take out of those seven, pick two or three things in each area that you need to work on.

Then out of that list, choose one or two areas which you’ll concentrate on this year. Be realistic. You can’t do it all in one shot. The other areas will be there next year, don’t worry about it. Just try and do one or two specific things that you’re going to work on and get specific things in those areas so that you have a bite-sized piece to work on.

If you want to get The Triple R Notebook, it’s on our website. That’ll give you all the questions, as well as all the definitions of the seven areas of life. I think you’ll enjoy it.

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