Marriage Minute with Alan Heller – Physical Health

physical health

This segment is focused on the wholesome acceptance of the way God made you: on an adequate, well-balanced diet, free from gluttony, sexual purity, proper personal hygiene, proper exercise (especially emphasizing cardiovascular fitness to avoid unnecessary risk of heart attack), adequate sleep, freedom from laziness and freedom from drunkenness.

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Hi, I’m Alan Heller. Welcome to A Walk and Talk Marriage Minute. We’re talking about seven areas of life. Today we are talking about physical life and physical health. The physical health area and what it means.

Here we’re talking about a wholesome acceptance of the way God made you. That we have a well-balanced diet. That the scriptures talk about a freedom from gluttony, having sexual purity, proper exercise, hygiene, and getting in shape so that your cardiovascular system is healthy. Freedom from laziness and freedom from drunkenness.

Those are things that the scriptures talk about and we believe we need to make goals in these areas. Some of us have addictions that we can’t control and others who are in good health may want to be in better health. So we’re going to be talking a little bit more about that in the future.

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