Marriage Minute with Alan Heller – Refresh your Marriage

refreshing your marriage

Recreation, Romance, and Renewal. Time to play, time to pray about goals, and focus your lives individually and together.

Couples should make time to have a romantic candlelight dinner and some fireworks in the bedroom without kids or chores. Over years of Christian couples and life coaching, we have found that a Triple R Weekend will refresh your marriage.

Hi. This is Allen Heller and welcome to A Marriage Minute with Walk & Talk. Paulie and I, over 42 years, have found it really helpful to make plans for the different areas of our life. We call these the seven areas of life – physical, social, financial, marital, parental, raising children, and psychological.

We put together a book called¬†Triple R Weekend – recreation, romance, and renewal. We find getting away once or twice a year to cover these different areas and make plans and goals can really help our relationship, our oneness and the ability to move in life together rather than having two visions, division. We want unity, and so this is what I’ll be going over in the next few weeks. I’ll be going over these seven areas and how you can implement them into your life.

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