Marriage Minute with Alan Heller – Social Balance

social balance

This segment highlights the social balance in ministry and family relationships. This includes: keeping relationships in proper priority, mutual accountability, being involved in a local body, being involved in people’s lives, using our spiritual gifts, reaching out to non-Christians, humor and the ability to have fun and involvement in your community.

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Hi, and welcome to A Marriage Minute with Alan Heller and Walk & Talk. We’ve been going over the different areas of life. There are seven of them. Today we’re talking about social balance and ministry. This area has to do with a balance between ministry outward, giving to other people, and relating to our family, keeping those relationships in proper balance. Having relationships which include mutual accountability, both as individuals and as a couple.

Being involved in our local body, more than just a Sunday morning thing. Being involved in people’s lives. One of the things that have kept me going over 40 years of ministry is being a part of a home group and being a part of an accountability group with some men. These are things that are really important and the Scripture speaks of them, and we think it’s important for us to make goals in this area.

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