April 16, 2020 -

Marriage Minute With Alan Heller – Spiritual Area of Life

The Spiritual Area of Life

The spiritual area of life encompasses your intimacy with god, worshiping god alone and corporately reading your bible, prayer, and doing other spiritual disciplines.

What are the specific things you need to do to enhance your relationship with God (prayer, worship, time alone with God, Bible study, spiritual disciplines, walking in the power of the Spirit)?

Learn more about the Spiritual Area of Life in this one-minute video:

Alan [00:00:05] I’ve been talking about our life and the seven areas that we need to intentionally work on: spiritual, physical, social, financial, psychological, marital and parental. Today, we’re talking about the spiritual area of life. This encompasses our vertical relationship with God. Prayer and Bible study, spiritual discipline such as fasting, silence, meditation, memorization, personal worship, walking in the spirit. So, we won’t carry out the desires of the flesh, having an experiential understanding of who I am in Christ and having a meaningful personal time alone with God. Our objective is to nurture our vertical relationship with God and hear him speak in his classic devotional, my utmost for his highest. Oswald Chambers says, “If you want to be of use to God, maintain the proper relationship with Jesus Christ by staying focused on him. And He will make use of you every minute you live. Yet you’ll be unaware on the conscious level of your life that you’re being used of him.” These are just a few of the components of the spiritual area of life. I’m Allen Heller and this is a marriage minute with walk and talk.


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