Marriage Minute with Alan Heller – Writing Smart Goals

smart goals

It is so important to write down your goals because it is so easy to forget what you said you were going to do. Personal goals seem to be harder for most of us, in comparison to work goals, which are tied to money, time and demands of a job, which provide built-in accountability. Review each area and write down your smart goals in each.

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Hi, I’m Alan Heller and welcome to A Marriage Minute with Walk and Talk. We connect people with God and each other. And one of the things that we do for couples is helping them plan. For our own lives, we take a sheet of paper, we put our name at the top and we put the area of life that we’re working on. And then we talk about what is the strength and weakness in that area. What are the things that we need to work on? What are the smart goals we need to keep in front of ourselves?

We put them in a loose-leaf notebook so that we can take them in and put them out. As the year goes on we can be able to just slide in, “Hey I reached this goal.” At the top of the page, we put the date, the first area of life. Then we ask ourself, “How am I or how are we doing in this area?” And then the next question is, “What are the strengths and weaknesses of this area presently? What do I wanna do? Where would I like to be one year from now, or maybe five years from now?”

And then “What do I need in time, energy, money to accomplish this goal? What will I need to trust God for? What am I lacking, either in confidence or maybe material things that I need to trust God for?” This is just a start to be able to get you going on your planning in the seven areas of life.

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