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Learning to trust people

How do we trust those who have violated our trust? What do you do with those who constantly violate your trust?

Learning how to trust God

This message helps you see what it takes to trust the Lord even when things don’t work out. I give illustrations for my own life of how I learned to trust including going through the death of our 32-year-old son.

Do you have the real thing?

Don’t let others disqualify you. What is the difference between man’s wisdom vs God’s wisdom? How do we fight against our flesh and wrong desires?

How do we navigate them?

What do you do when you did not plan the transition you are going through? How do you deal with your past issues of transitions? Biblical examples of how people in the Bible navigated transitions.

Is there a good father in the house?

What does it mean to be a good father? One of Billy Graham’s regrets. How do we deal with our regrets?

Putting on putting off

What are the ingredients we need to put on so we can live out our Christian life?