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What is the value of a healthy marriage?

By reading marriage books from Walk & Talk, you can build a relationship with your spouse that will weather the storms of life. You can gain the skills you need for a trust-filled and satisfying journey that will last a lifetime.

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How to Beat Burnout with a Sabbatical, by Alan Heller

Many Christian leaders and pastors are in burnout or are living on the verge of burnout. They need a break from the constant pressures of ministry. This practical how-to guide shows you step-by-step how to take a sabbatical. You too can get the extended rest you need—to recharge your batteries, and regain your passion for the life and work to which God has called you. 30 pages.

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healthy marriage book

Marital Mystery Tour: Audio Book Mp3 / CD format

What would you do if a mysterious stranger offered you a tour of a vast estate you have inherited from a fabulously wealthy relative? What if that “vast estate” was your healthy marriage? Discover five keys to unlock marital mysteries. Listen while you are on the go!


The Marital Mystery Tour (book)

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What would you do if a mysterious stranger offered you a tour of a vast estate you have inherited from a fabulously wealthy relative? You have, and the estate is called your healthy marriage. Learn the five keys to unlock marital mysteries in The Marital Mystery Tour.


Learning How To Trust (book)

healthy marriage

Helps individuals and couples regain trust with loved ones after violations of trust have occurred. Thoroughly biblical. Many stories and practical insights offer hope. With new Application Guide and tips for small group leaders, the newly expanded Learning How to Trust is the ideal tool for both individual and group study.


Triple-R Notebook

healthy marriageThis resource provides you and your spouse with a simple step-by-step approach to revitalize your lives and rebuild a healthy marriage. You will learn to set aside regular opportunities on your yearly calendars for weekends of Romance, Recreation, and Renewal.


healthy marriage

Marital Mystery Tour—DVD Series

marital mystery tour coverWhether you're newlywed or have been married for many years, these DVDs provide you with five hours of valuable information on building, and maintaining, a healthy marriage. Alan and Pauly Heller discuss five keys defining a successful marriage relationship. Includes four DVDs and a workbook.


Communication Connections Workbook

healthy marriageGet all the information, diagrams and explanation of communication skills contained in Walk & Talk’s nine-hour Communication Connections workshop. An excellent resource for developing the vital skill of active listening in your healthy marriage relationship.