November 1, 2016 -

Dealing with Limps and Thorns

Limps and Thorns

Jacob’s Limp

It was never the same,
His thigh,
After God
Touched him there.
In our weakness
His strength
Carries us.
A thorn in the flesh
Nagged Paul,
A reminder,
You can’t go it alone.
Your limp.
Your thorn.
–Pauly Heller

We all need a limp, a place God has touched in our body or our soul. Not debilitating, but enough weakness to remind us of the strength of His hand. Maybe it’s my sore back or my insecurity or my fear of failure. Maybe my disorganization bumping against Alan’s punctuality is God’s way of speaking to me: “Don’t forget, you need Me. I’ve touched you in this place so you won’t forget.”

Remember and thank Him for the thorns and the limp in your life.


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