February 14, 2019 -

Trust Minute with Alan Heller: Identifying Our Bad Habits

Trust Minute with Alan Heller: Identifying Our Bad Habits

How do we become aware of our blind spots? Sometimes our habits end up controlling us. In our book, Learning How to Trust, we call these blindspots “dragon eggs.” At first, they might not seem harmful, but because we are blind to the negative effects, they end up controlling us and turning into dragon fires.

The truth is, until the pain and negative consequences from our bad habits overwhelm us, there will be no change.  Our pain has to rise to a level that causes us to want to do something different with our lives. We have to reach rock bottom.

Watch this week’s trust minute to learn more about how to overcome life’s biggest dragon fires:

In this week’s blog, “Why Are Habits Hard to Break?”, we talk about a character in Learning How to Trust. The character, Amanda, had a dragon fire that caused so much damage her life was going to be threatened. She finally called a Care Taker (who represented God) to do something. But the Care Taker says to Amanda, “You need to take the hatchet and kill the dragon yourself.”In the end, Amanda needed to address the dragon head-on.


When we go through pain, there will be scars. These scars will help us realize what we have been through to get to the freedom we are looking for. It’s important to turn to God when you recognize dragon eggs in your life before they turn into dragon fires.
“The Holy Spirit convicts us, but we in our flesh, condemn ourselves.” God does not condemn you for your sins, He only condemns the sins themselves.

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