November 8, 2018 -

Trust Minute with Alan Heller – Pain is Inevitable but Misery is Optional

Are you able to realize and accept pain is a part of life?

What happens when we think everything will always turn out “happily ever after”.

Do you know we can choose misery or joy?

In this week’s Trust Minute, we want to talk about how to chose joy in the midst of pain.

It’s possible to be rejected but not affected. When a negative shaping event occurs in your life, you can appropriate emotional intelligence to guide you through the storm. In other words, you need to appreciate and acknowledge your emotions but use them in an intelligent manner to give you the best possible chance of success. Emotions are wonderful servants, but terrible masters. Emotional intelligence is like a rudder on a ship. It navigates you through the storm to safer seas and harbors. “Storms” happen, but also “calm” happens!

The key is to go through the storms and not lose your bearings in the midst of the storm. God wants us to get our direction from Him, not from the past.

Remember, most people expect to live their by a “no pain . . . no pain” type of philosophy. But as in so much of the sporting world, the truth is “no pain . . . no gain.” So roll up your sleeves and determine you will learn how to trust God and not lean on your own understanding as you face a world where there will be pain, but we can learn to choose joy and peace in Him.


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