February 9, 2019 -

Trust Minute with Alan Heller: What is the Definition of trust?

What is the Definition of trust

What is the definition of trust?

How do we implement it into our lives on a daily basis? How can it be such an integral part of our life that it becomes a value to live by?  

In our podcast #8, our co-author, Dr. Ed Delph, shares some summary statements about trust that can be very helpful to you. They are short and practical and give us something to focus on. Here are just a few of these statements:

         Those who created yesterdays pain do not control tomorrows potential.


         Whatever you can tolerate you can’t change.


         What your willing to walk away from determines what God will bring you to.


         Sometimes you have to do something you hate to get to something you love.


         The broken become masters at mending.

When we lose trust we need to remember, “when you can’t see God’s hand, trust in His character.” Why? Because He is faithful and never changes. He can be trusted because He is trustworthy. If we put our hope in the one who is trustworthy then we will soon be able to believe that he will help us work through each of life’s situations.

In this week’s Trust Minute, we discuss the true definition of trust.


Hebrews Chapter 11 states: “Faith (trust) is the substance of things hoped for the conviction of things not seen.” Like the Israelites long ago. We need to step into the Red Sea, we need to put our foot in the Jordan, and then God will meet us and part the waters. We tend to think, seeing is believing. But in God’s economy we need to believe or have faith and trust, and then we will see Him work in our lives.

Our definition of trust is a firm belief in or reliance upon someone or something. Trust comes from knowing God. The more we know who He is, and see what His word tells us about Him. The more we will come to trust Him.

How is trust defined in your life? Comment below to share! 

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