November 25, 2016 -

Sexual Addiction Counseling & Support – Where to Find Help

Sexual Addiction is Real

Do you know someone ensnared and enslaved by sexual addiction? Steve and Marla Wagner are the resources you need. Pauly and I have known Steve and Marla Wagner since 1983 when I did their premarital counseling. They have been friends and supporters of this ministry ever since.

A successful business owner, Steve has led support groups for sexually addicted men for many years. Recently retired, he and Marla are starting a new non-profit organization called Revive 40. Their expertise in this area will help men and their wives deal with their fractured marriages and self-images. Together we will provide one-on-one coaching, counseling and small groups to help those who are hurting.

Last weekend, Steve and I held our first training session for small-group leaders needing to acquire skills to help encourage and hold group members to higher levels of accountability.

We will also team up to develop materials to help the men and their marriages. More to come in our next Connector.




Getting Help For Sexual Addiction in Phoenix

Sexual Addiction is one of the biggest issues facing men today. Fortunately, we understand much more about how and why pornography addiction develops, and how to heal.

“My cooperation with God’s operation leads to a Jesus revelation.”

— Dr. Ed Delph 

If you know of someone who needs counseling or coaching help, please have them call Alan: (602) 499-2711


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