January 9, 2019 -

Five Steps to Regain Trust

Welcome to Walking Our Talk with Alan Heller. I’m Dustin Daniels.

Last week, Alan, Pauly and Ed discussed:

  1. How vows, judgements and generalizations can cripple you in learning how to trust.
  2. How to move from the question “why me” to “what’s next”
  3. Started the five steps to regain trust.

This week we continue with the second step of regaining trust, and that is – Release. Release is closely related to forgiveness so we’ll also focus on these three things in this episode:

The difference between trust and forgiveness

We’ll ask the question

“Can you live the Christian life and not understand forgiveness?”

How control is an illusion when it comes to forgiveness.

In fact, control is the very opposite of what we’re talking about today – and that is Release.

All this material is coming from Alan, Pauly and Ed’s book, Learning How To Trust. To learn more, visit walk and talk dot org for more information.


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