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A Reminder of the True Meaning of Christmas

A Reminder of the True Meaning of Christmas

Have you ever been in a car accident and experienced everything in slow motion? So many thoughts and emotions flood your mind simultaneously that you cannot process it all in the moment. Time seems to stand still. I think Mary must have responded this way when an...

Do You Have Idols in Your Life?

What are Idols? Websters Dictionary says an idol is: “an object of extreme devotion; a representation or symbol of an object of worship broadly: a false god”. Do we control Idolatry or does it control us? We all want to be significant and liked by others. When we are...

Why is Forgiveness Important?

Forgiveness and Release Do you have something or someone in your past that you have been unable to forgive? Have you said at one point in your life, “I will never be like… or I am never going to let someone in my life like that again.” As we talked about in the trust...
How to Cope with Holiday Stress

How to Cope with Holiday Stress

“O-o-o Christmastime… We’ll all be fine in a week or two,” is part of the lyric of our daughter-in-law, JJ’s, new song Christmastime. “Wasn’t it just July?” she sings, “I was alone in my room without a cousin in sight.” This is the time of year when families get...