Core Values

  • The Word of God is the foundation, the “plumb line” for all of life and Christian ministry—personal and corporate.

  • Leaders facing problems often respond with habitually unhealthy attitudes and behaviors which are not supported by Scripture, leading to greater stress and/or sin; responses that reflect Christ’s character and his Word are the remedy.

  • Effective leaders must have a rigorous, consistent personal devotional life for a healthy, fruitful ministry.

  • An excessive “performance orientation” in ministry is not an asset; rather, it is an obstacle to knowing Christ and making him known.

  • Many leaders mask their problems and live in fear of being truly known; they avoid being vulnerable before God and man, thereby forfeiting the treasure of intimacy.

  • Pain is a part of personal growth; it requires authenticity and trust before God and others—for genuine freedom in Christ, and a ministry that multiplies.

Help for the 7 areas of life

Alan is a catalyst for your own walk with the Lord, offering you counseling services for the following life areas:

  • Physical

  • Spiritual

  • Social

  • Financial

  • Marital

  • Parental

  • Psychological

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