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Dr. John Trent best selling author recommends Walk and Talk

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Alarming Truths about Christian Leaders

After researching pastoral trends for over 18 years, and as a pastor himself, Richard Krejcir, PhD, offers keen insights about disturbing pastoral pressure trends. Krejcir quotes from a research project conducted by his team of over 1,000 pastors:

  • 77% felt they did not have a good marriage.
  • 75% felt they were unqualified or poorly trained to lead their church or counsel others.
  • 71% stated they were burned out, and they regularly battle depression and fatigue. 
  • 89% considered leaving the ministry at one time.
  • 1,500 Christian leaders leave the ministry each month due to moral failure, burnout, or conflict.
  • 50% are so discouraged, they would leave the ministry if they could, but have no other way of making a living.
  • 70% only spend time studying the Word when they are preparing their sermons.

–R. J. Krejcir, PhD. Francis A. Schaeffer Institute of Church Leadership Development.
The pastoral pressure research was conducted from 1989 to 2006 and incorporated data from Barna,
Focus on the Family, and Fuller Seminary. 

Christian leadersAlan says…

I know first-hand the pastoral pressure faced by ministers and Christian workers—and what it can do to your marriage, your family—even your faith and sense of calling. I’ve worked with a wide spectrum of churches, from rural to metropolitan, and from small to large.

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Hope for pastors dealing with conflict and unrealistic expectations

Many pastors face pastoral pressure in the form of conflict, anger, and higher expectations than ever. They work long hours with little pay and reward. Often their own families become dysfunctional because of their absence. Most pastors have not learned to balance family and ministry to deal with the immense struggles of the job. They are not able to lead their church where it needs to go because they have not been where they are seeking to lead others in growth or in spiritual formation.
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