Communications Connections Workshop ONLINE


Now you can get all the information, diagrams and explanation of communication skills contained in Walk & Talk’s 6-hour Communication Connections workshop right in your own home. An excellent resource for developing intimacy and connection in your marriage relationship.

You will learn:

  1. How to match the style of your communication to the specific person and situation.
  2. How to use the CommuniStar a tool for listening as well as speaking
  3. How to make sure what you said is heard and understood by Closing the Loop
  4. You will learn how to value your partner even when you don’t like each other at the moment
  5. You will learn how to listen and speak to be understood and valued which will produce trust and intimacy

We will teach you each skill, then model it with an issue from our own lives, and then we will give you time to practice on your own. If you still want more we can set up a time to have a coaching appointment and work through your particular issues. This workshop will change your life forever.



He gave us the tools to be able to communicate with each other effectively. These skills have strengthened our marriage and taught us to have total honesty and transparency with each other.


We attended his communication workshop together that was a huge help. It gave us the tools to listen and hear what the other person was saying, not getting mad, yelling and fighting. It works we are looking forward to a follow up.



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