December 14, 2018 -

Trust Minute with Alan Heller – Idolatry of Applause

Where do You Find Value in Your life?

Where Do You Find Value in Your Life?

We all want to be significant and liked by others.  When we are young, we try and find something that will help us gain acceptance from others. For some it is sports, for some, it is beauty and looking good. For others, it is intellectual pursuit and getting straight A’s. For Pauly, it was dance, which was first was a way that Pauly’s parents wanted to help her clumsiness because she was pigeon-toed.  They gave her dance lessons. Now, dance had become something that was intoxicating.

In this week’s Trust Minute, we discuss how idols can take the form of praise and applause in our lives.

In our book, we call idols “dragon eggs” that are hatched and at first are baby dragons. But turn into big, fire-breathing, dangerous dragons. This is based on a story told in the book about Princess Amanda and the dragon. See chapter 2 of Learning How to Trust. You can get it on our website under the resource tab.

 Initially, our dragons appear harmless because they seem small and controllable. We seem to have power over them because we can choose to walk away at any time.

The problem comes when we can’t run away and we are stuck.

What is the solution? I would encourage you to just listen to our book on audiobooks from Amazon or pick it up through our website. We give how to resolve this problem.

Explore more on how to battle your idols in our last blog or contact Alan today.


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