April 2, 2020 -

Marriage Minute With Alan Heller – Parental Area of Life

Parental Area of Life

Do you spend as much time praising your children as you do telling them they did the wrong thing? One great parenting tip is to teach kids that doing the right thing is rewarding for everyone.

Learn more about the Parental Area of Life in this short video:

Alan [00:00:05] Have you ever heard of the saying, “He’s sitting down on the outside, but he’s really standing up on the inside”? That phrase may define some of your kids. This is a phrase that we use to describe a bad attitude of a child. His heart really isn’t in it. How do we solve this? This is a Marriage Minute with Walk and Talk. We connect people with God and each other. And we’re talking about parenting today. When a child conforms on the outside but not on the inside, there’s a problem. He or she is not obeying from their heart. And how do we help these little rug rats learn to obey from the heart? Well, there are many tools, but I think the one key in the parental area is to teach them early that it’s about doing the right thing for the right reason. They need to have us, as parents, give them praise and encouragement for what they’re doing right. And still, they know they have consequences for what they do. God loves us enough to discipline us when we’re doing wrong. But he’s quick to show us his love for who we are, not just what we do. This is Alan Heller with a Walk and Talk Marriage Minute.


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