Rethinking The Way We Think About Trust

Welcome to Walking Our Talk with Alan Heller. I’m Dustin Daniels.

Last week, Alan… along with his bride Pauly Heller… and Dr. Ed Delph, the authors of the book, Learning How to Trust, talked about the difference between trust and forgiveness.

This week we continue that conversation by discussing three things:

What do decisions about trusting God and trusting others reveal about us?
We’re gonna learn to re-think the way that we think about trust
Learn the next several steps in the process of how to trust.

We’re also going to hear a fantastic story from Pauly about Alan and how she learned how to rethink what she was thinking.

This conversation is drawn from Alan, Pauly and Ed’s book, Learning How To Trust. To learn more, visit walk and talk dot org for more information.


Ahhh, the age-old question of applying Biblical Truth into our lives. How exactly is that done?

The prophet Isaiah writes profound words in Isaiah 28:10: “He tells us everything over and over—one line at a time, one line at a time, a little here, and a little there!” God’s telling us that the application of His Word takes place over time by reading the Bible cover to cover, over and over. And what a glorious time that is!

Well, Next week, we’ll continue our conversation on Learning How To Trust with Alan, Pauly, and Ed and we’ll discuss:

How relational pain will either drive us to sin…. or to our Savior.
The irony of pain in our ability to trust
How the process of trust establishes new patterns and Godly habits in our lives.

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On behalf of Alan, Pauly, and Ed, thanks for listening to Walking Our Talk. We’ll meet again next week.


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