Marriage Minute with Alan Heller – Psychological Area

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Welcome to A Walk and Talk Marriage Minute. We’re talking about seven areas of life. In this segment, we discuss growing ourselves in the psychological and intellectual area.

There are always new ways to grow more on an intellectual level. Maybe you’d like to take class or two, or maybe you’ve always wanted to get your masters, or doctorate in a certain area. Consider taking a seminar on a particular subject that you would like to learn.

There are also more creative ways to tap into the psyche. It could be a wood working or gardening class. Activities like these can spice up your relationship or any person’s life, especially if you do them together. Tapping into the arts by taking a trip to the theater or a musical is great way to engage your intellect and spend time with one another. Going to a museum of art or history can grow you as well.

Read prolifically – The classics, areas of interest, areas relevant to your academic and professional life, though also important, read a wide variety of genres.

Consider these questions in the psychological area:

1. How are you at focusing on the eternal and not the temporal? What ways can you change that?

2. How are you doing in memorizing scripture? Maybe we can set a goal to memorize certain passages or a whole chapter. This can act as a way to grow our capacity and to have more scripture in your head and life.

3. What are some situations you can think of to be able to grow intellectually?

4. Actively seek out groups, forums or anything of that variety. Consider debating clubs, Toastmaster, political clubs, in order to be in an active learning environment, it will help you expand and exercise your mental and knowledge abilities.

All of these things can be of help to grow ourselves in the Psychological area.

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